Perfect Snacks for a Day Away from Home

As the sunny weather becomes more and more present, the idea of having a quick snack outside of the house sounds perfect. But in order for you to enjoy the moment of blending with the nature and breathing the salty air of the sea or ocean, you must pack the right kind of foods. In that aspect, Kays naturals is by far one of the best option for any kind of snack that one would be tempted to take at work or in your vacation. They offer small size cookies made with 100% natural ingredients. As the special recipe makes sure these cookies are gluten free, low in sugar, high protein, wheat free and a great source of natural fibers, Kays Naturals are recommended for people with different kind of intolerance as well as for people that simply want to keep their weight under control. Before planning a vacation or any other getaway, make sure you take a look at the following link and make enough supply to last for the entire summer. Kays Naturals cookies have two flavors, honey almond and cinnamon almond. Both of them are different and much better than any other sorts of cookies, you can find in the market. Regardless the age, anyone can enjoy these nourishing and delicious snacks at school, office, in the car or on the park as they are conveniently packed to grab and go.


After deciding that Kays Naturalscookies will be the dessert you will enjoy on the break in front of the ocean, you must also pack some other foods also. Instead of classic sandwiches, take some wraps as they are easier to eat and the filling is tucked away by the tortilla. Food on skewers is always fun to eat as you can mix fruits and cheese with vegetables and meat. It is easy and fun to eat. Since you don’t really have to touch it while eating it, the food also ends having less germs and sand. Whole fruits are another good idea when considering a healthy snack to pack for a day away from home. Apples, nectarines, grapes, peaches and/or pears are a healthy and tasty-sweet option. Instead of preparing the classic salad, try some lettuce wraps. They are not as complicated as they sound (you only need to pack inside the leaf some chopped vegetables). If you are inspired enough to use foil in order to wrap all ingredients together, you can peal it off as you eat and it is more hygienic comparing to a bowl of salad.

Packing food for a small getaway in the nature is not complicated at all, you just have to use your imagination and enjoy the sunny day out with your friends and family.  Summer is here. Pack an easy and fun meal out and go enjoy a day away from home with your loved ones.