The Best Cholesterol Lowering Foods

As you probably know, keeping your cholesterol levels at the recommended levels is a great way of optimizing your health. With health experts stating that lower cholesterol levels can help prevent heart disease, it’s essential that you learn what natural foods you can eat that can lower cholesterol. Sure, there are medications that can lower cholesterol, but you may not want to take medication. If so, consider implementing some of the best foods for lowing cholesterol regularly.


  • Oatmeal

Eating oatmeal regularly will certainly help you lower your cholesterol, as it can lower the LDL, which is the bad kind of cholesterol, by 5.3 % in as short a time as six weeks.

  • Salmon

You’ve probably heard that salmon and other fatty fish are great sources of Omega-3, which is something that can help prevent heart disease. In addition to this benefit, it can also help you lower your cholesterol. Eat fish two to three times a week and you may want to consider taking Omega-3 supplements as well.  

  • A variety of nuts

Go nuts over nuts! Spend some time snacking on nuts, as they will help lower your cholesterol over time. Walnuts, cashews, and almonds are great choices, but since they are high in calories, limit your portion size to a small handful or about 1.5 ounces at a time.

  • Beans

Along with nuts, beans are super good for your cholesterol levels, as they lower your LDL and give your body a lot of fiber at the same time. Incorporate more beans into your diet via soups, burritos, stews, and more. Go ahead and try black, pinto, garbanzo, lima, or kidney beans.

  • Use margarine

Do away with butter and use margarine instead. Great brands include Benecol or Promise, but there are new brands coming on the scene all the time.

  • Eat garlic

Use garlic when you cook or eat a small clove of garlic regularly to enjoy wonderful health benefits, including lowering cholesterol. Garlic helps with cardiovascular health by lowering the bad type of cholesterol and can also help reduce blood pressure.

  • Avocado

When it comes to monounsaturated fats, avocados are the way to go, as they help increase the good type of cholesterol, HDL, and lower the LDL.  Keep in mind though, that avocados are high in calories, so eat in moderation.

Lowering cholesterol may not be as challenging as you may think. Utilize these tips and enjoy taking charge of your health and trying some bell lifestyle products, enjoying good health and abundance.

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