Understanding What Exactly Are Pitted Dates?

Pitted dates are seedless dates that are easy to munch and offer numerous health benefits. You can easily add them to your diet plan or include in recipes involving dates. They are high in several essential nutrients that help our body to function properly. Pitted dates need to go through multiple phases such as cleaning, grading and pitting before they’re available in the market. They are just like normal dates without seed inside. Comparing pitted Deglet Noor dates with Medjool dates might help you understand ‘What are Pitted Dates.’’

What are Pitted Dates

The Difference between Pitted Deglet Noor Dates and Medjool Dates

Medjool dates and pitted Deglet Noor dates are one of the most common types of dates being used all over the world. Although both of them offer the same health benefits, there’re some things that set them apart from each other. 

Taste and Texture

Pitted Deglet Noor dates have a fairly thick, firm flesh, with a color ranging from light red to amber. When it comes to their taste, they have a delicious, slightly pithy flavor. On the other hand, Medjool dates have a chewy, rich flavor. They are usually larger in size and sweeter than normal pitted dates, thanks to their fructose-rich content. 


Both Deglet Noor and Medjool date are very much similar in their nutritional structure. Both are considered the best sources of magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, vitamin B3 and zinc. However, they are widely recognized for their high fiber concentration, which makes them an ideal choice for people with sporadic bowel movements.


Though both Deglet Noor and Medjool dates are high in calories, there’s a slight difference in calories they provider per 100-gram. Medjool offers 277 kcal which is slightly lower than Deglet’s 282 kcal. The reason why dates have high calories is because they have high sugar content, which is around 89-perecent of the entire date. 

Deglet Noor dates have sucrose, glucose and fructose in equal amounts, while Medjool dates have only glucose and fructose. Sucrose is often referred to as table sugar, while glucose is a simple sugar and fructose is a fruit sugar that our body needs to perform body functions. 


In many recipes involving dates, both Deglet Noor and Medjools dates can be used. However, there’re some recipes out there that call for a specific date type. For example, chewy Medjool isn’t considered the best option for making breads. While Deglet Noor dates are quite popular for baking and cooking. 


It takes a lot of effort and cost to grow and harvest Medjool dates, and therefore they are usually more expensive than pitted Deglet Noor dates. If you’ve a tight budget, you should go for regular pitted dates. Both Medjool and Deglet Noor dates offer the same health benefits. But if you are into making healthy energy balls, you should opt for Medjool dates. 

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