Myths About the Organic Food k/w non-GMO Organic Food

There are the items labelled with non-GMO organic food in departmental stores these days. Several people before purchasing everyday item must look for the ingredients and terms followed in their production. The reason for the precautionary measures observed is due to the hype created by GMO materials. The term GMO stands for the genetically modified organisms, these are the result of modifications in the Genes of seeds and animals used in eatables. Besides this a few modifications are applied in the soil where these crops are planted and in the rearing of the animals. It starts from a very basic level, the first step involves the selection of seed and location where the production of crops is carried. These crops must be grown in safe soil, there must be no modification in the soil content and must remain separate from GMO products. Farmers are advised and counselled related to the genetically modified genes. In addition to this, the organic livestock must be exposed to the outside atmosphere and should be fed with purely organic food. As the livestock yields several dairy products and their meat is also consumed.


There are certain parameters set for non-GMO organic food. In order to have a notion whether a product is GMO or non GMO certain labels are marked and placed on the eatables. For any product to be selected and considered hygienic it must not contain GMO or in technical words the product would be named non-GMO organic food only if it contains less than 0.9% GMOs. The debate doesn’t only lie that what a food is containing the point to be considered is the process followed for the production of such materials. It includes what the product contains, the process adopted for its production, and from where it is generated.

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