I have been embracing the green veggie burger a lot, even though I am not a vegetarian. I don’t compare it with the meat burgers in its taste but in its nutrients and the healthy contents. I must say it is far better than the non-vegetarian burgers you eat. And whenever I crave for the hot and delicious hamburger experience, I just go for the legitimately delicious green burger. And rather consume the healthy vegetables instead of the meat which contain the high level of fat.  

It is easy to make a pretty good green veggie burger. But it is said that to make a great one is really a big deal. The mush factor is the downfall of many recipes. Because the ingredients used into the veggie burger such as black beans, lens, golden brioche, and Quinoa are high in moisture and it is really a tough job to handle them all and to flip them on a grill without it falling apart. But don’t worry there are some hotels which are coming to your rescue and provide you with the healthy meals. There are restaurants which are perfect in making the hot and delightful green veggie burgers. And at the top of the list is a restaurant located in a “French Cuisine Country” known as Green Paris. Getting a veggie burger with the right texture and a good flavor is challenging but Green Paris has proved themselves the masters of Green veggie burgers.

They have two main green veggie burgers recipes; both are unique and have organic black beans and lentils in them:

  • Black beans/Quinoa
  • Quinoa/Lentils

Both these recipes are good in taste and are healthy as well. So, I recommend giving them a try once because I am loving them!