The Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems

The movies often portray pregnancy to be this fun nine-month adventure of glowing skin, having a baby bump that everyone seems to adore and painting the ideal nursery with your husband. Although pregnancy is a very exciting process of taking care of a little version of you and your husband, it also has a little bit of ups and downs. Pregnancy can also be not as stress-free as the movies have been showing. It is a long forty weeks of consistent struggle and obgyn checkups, but you’ll be fine as long as you keep yourself together all the way.


Some instances during pregnancy can also cause some embarrassing situations that you can’t help but just go through. But ladies, you do not have to worry because pregnancy can serve as your initiation into having a little toddler running around ensuring to cause as much humiliation as possible. As soon as your child is able to tell people everything that happens in your house, you can keep a nice poised face, unmoved by any kind of humiliation.

Here are some of the most embarrassing pregnancy problems you could expect.

Gas, Gas and More Gas

You may have already heard about this but pregnancy is a moment in life that involves a lot of instances of flatulence. As your baby is naturally growing, it pushes some structures in you abdomen out of its way. This may cause movement of gas to be particularly prominent and consistent. Expect many instances where in you would feel that gassy feeling inside of you that you could not control. Do not suppose that you would be able to keep it in and go somewhere private to relieve that feeling because your muscle control would not be the same as when you were not pregnant. You would be put in many situations where there are a lot of people around and a lot of gas to be released. Either you are on train stations, restaurants or even in your workplace, the flatulence during pregnancy is not picky when it comes to places. This makes it not the most flattering experience during pregnancy.

Bodily Secretions: Sweat

Your body temperature when you become pregnant will be through the roof. You would also notice that there will be a lot of situations of overheating, breathlessness and of course, uncontrollable sweating. Sweat patches would be your next fashion must have for the next nine months along with stretchy jeans, sweat pants and striped tops in an attempt to make yourself look slimmer. Your body’s sweating mechanism will increase much faster during activities such as climbing stairs or even just walking. Besides that fact that you would smell quite ripe during pregnancy because of the increase in sweat, the embarrassment follows as most of your clothes would appear wet and moist as of course, they become drenched in sweat. In this case, always remember to pack an extra pair of clothes and a face towel to keep your sweating to a minimum throughout the day. Obgyn experts all agree that this is normal.


Hair Growth

Because of the various hormones that are responsible for your pregnancy, some body functions seem to override during this process. Hormones are chemical signals that are released into your bloodstream in order to command specific organs to do their job. These hormones are the same that causes increased rates of hair growth for women. Yes, that turns into an advantages when you see your beautiful healthy looking hair but things start to take a turn when you see your side burns pop into existence. Women also have facial hair that tend to grow and start to become more visible as pregnancy proceeds. Hair under the chin or on the cheeks would start to look thicker and more prominent. Hair on the legs and armpits would do the same. Generally, all parts of the body that is normally covered with hair would grow increasingly more amounts of hair. And nothing beats that embarrassing feeling of trying to hide your facial hair and thinking if it is just your paranoia or if everyone can really see what is going on with your mustache.

Although these things would surely embarrass you when you are out in public, all these instances would well be worth it when you see that beautiful baby for the first time. Having a baby might have its embarrassments but all of it would not seem to matter when you see those cute little eyes in the nursery.

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