Top 10 Fitness Blogs You Should Follow

There are thousands of Fitness blogs online with more springing up everyday. We compiled a list of the top 10 Greatest Fitness Blogs that are both informative and entertaining to follow. Feel free to add your suggestions at the comment section below. In no particular order, they include:

Top 10 Fitness Blogs You Should Follow

  1. Authority Nutrition- Daily Articles About Health and Nutrition

This blog offers daily articles on healthy living. About 7-8 articles are uploaded daily. The concepts are simplified and presented in a colourful manner to help one understand easily. It aims at ensuring people remain healthy by choosing healthy lifestyles.

  1. Nutrition – The Beachbody Blog

This focuses on celebrity trainers and weight loss. It gives glimpses into the training regimen of the best trainers through this platform. Moreover, you will get information on living a healthy life at this site.

  1. org | the Latest in Nutrition Related Research

Dr. Michael Greger takes you through a science-based source analysis of the latest facts in nutrition through the video clips he shares. It gets down to the facts of raining rather than the myths and it will be a great source of information.

  1. Quest Nutrition

The young will love the blog for its hip and flare that makes it a fun reading. The nutrition facts are expressed flamboyantly, making the reader long for the weekly posts with in-depth information presented lightly on healthy living.

  1. Nutrition Secrets

This blog reveals the underlying facts of dietary information through an evidence-based presentation that is neither peachy nor pretentious. The blogs are posted weekly, and they approach fitness through a simplification of complex scientific facts.

  1. Nutrition Stripped | Live Whole. Eat Well. Feel Amazing

This blog presents information from the perspective of a nutritionist and dietician. It offers practical recipes, nutrition advice, and inspiration as a way of enhancing healthy living daily. It offers dual expertise garnered at making the reader a considerable bargain.

  1. Kath Eats Real Food – Nutrition, Life, Food, Fun

The articles in this blog present information on diet, food, and parenting through a fun manner aimed at enhancing healthy living. It also gives advice on how to select wine effectively, as well as featuring recipes of whole ingredients and fresh, fun presentations of these recipes. Making the healthy recipes fun is a way of encouraging healthy eating.

  1. The Whole Hearted Cook

Master Chef Alumnus, Dani Venn, is the brain behind this Aussie site. She features tantalizingly tasty meals, and blogs on diverse healthy fare. She shares her expertise to guide readers on how to prepare tasty yet healthy meals. Moreover, it is obvious from the gorgeous pictures she shares that she loves her daughter very much, and she shares this love through her blog.

  1. Ashy Bines

Ashy Bines writes her blogs in a fresh and fun manner, making the topic of healthy living lively enough to attract the youth. She translates her TV show expertise to her readers through her amazing blogs. Fitness and healthy lifestyles come to life in this blog. She named her blog after her name.

  1. True Nutrition Community

This blog sells products associated with nutrition and keeping fit. It gives several options of products that can enhance the reader’s daily healthy living. Besides, through their weekly blog, they ensure the readers have information on healthy lifestyles and fitness. This makes it an amazing source of information.

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