Focus on Long-term Health and Weight Loss Success

How do you measure fat loss and healthy body weight maintenance progress?

There are several tools we can use to determine whether we are headed in the right direction with our body composition. Typically, most folks use a scale. Professional nutrition coaches or weight loss consultants may also use body fat measurement, girth measurement, spiral body scan, Dexa scan, or blood tests.

Focus on Long-term Health and Weight Loss Success

While these assessments undoubtedly have their place in guiding some folks to their goals, single-minded focus upon them can often cause these tools to become an obstacle in the quest for a healthy body.

Instead of obsessing about the numbers generated by a machine, some people find success by focusing upon how they feel and how their body appearance changes.

For instance, I have many clients who are truly worried about their weight loss for health reasons. These people are much less concerned with their weight number or how fast they reach it, but rather upon learning healthy exercise and nutrition principles that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

You see, to the honest, patient, hard-working weight loss individual, the journey is much more important than the instant gratification found in a bottle. They understand that the changes they see in the mirror, the energy they feel, the better night’s sleep they get, and the feeling of accomplishment far outweigh the numbers on the scale.

As you look at your spring and summer health goals, try to make them balanced. A well-rounded approach to fitness will allow you to utilize all the tools available to you.

Most importantly, when you set up your checkpoints along the way, keep them realistic. Dress/pant sizes and a healthier image do much more for your inner happiness than an unforgiving number.

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