Top 4 Reasons to Avoid Fad Diets

They’re appealing, aren’t they! Fad diets.You read about a range of celebrities trying a range of new fad diets each week. Of course, this is in addition to the accessible fad diets which are advertised on late night TV or even in the drug-store. And as appealing as their promised results are, it’s important to know a few things before you decide to take one on.


Don’t Expect a Miracle

If you made a product that didn’t work and you wanted to sell it, would you tell potential customers that it didn’t work? Or would you tell them that it worked, but then also gave them a tome of fine print to read over which provided with the details of the very few specific and controlled cases where the product actually did provide what it promised.


While you are reading about any new fad diet, always take the time to read the fine print, especially any information about the environment in which the results were achieved and be sure that your personal situation and needs align.


No Long Term Results

There is a reason why the ingredients or the procedure required to undertake a fad diet seem extreme, and it’s because they are! A fad diet is not a sustainable healthy eating plan and is only beneficial in the short-term. As soon as you cease with the plan, that gorgeous dress which you bought from the Groupon Coupons page for Vera Bradley and you will because it isn’t sustainable, any weight that you gained will immediately return.


Despite their promises, there is no diet which can make you lose a lot of weight and keep it off without continuing its strict routine. And given that this routine is not sustainable, the results are not permanent.


One Size Doesn’t Fit All

If you were to visit a nutritionist then you would be provided with a healthy eating plan that is matched to your needs and your body. A fad diet, however, is not. A fad diet does not take into account any of your own personal circumstances or dietary requirements. This could mean that undertaking a fad diet could have adverse effects on your health if your body requires nutrients or vitamins that the diet does not allow.


You Don’t Need One!

The most important reason is that you don’t need them! Fad diets are easily avoidable! If you truly want to improve your health or reduce your weight, stick to the tried and true method of reducing the bad food that you eat and increase the level of exercise that you undertake. In addition, be sure to speak with your physician before you undertake any diet plan, to ensure it won’t cause you injury or issues.


If this article has been enough to turn you off jumping on a fad diet, then now is your opportunity to use your time online to research healthy foods which you can use to replace items in your pantry or refrigerator along with safe ways to exercise and improve your overall health.

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