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Depressed Teens

Challenges Faced by Depressed Teens: Struggling with School, Friends and Self-Esteem

Living with depression as a teenager presents unique challenges. Beyond coping with mental health issues, depressed teens must also navigate the normal stresses of adolescence like school, social lives, and developing identities.  Juggling these responsibilities with a mood disorder can feel overwhelming. Let’s explore some of the main struggles depressed teens commonly face. Academic Struggles …

Emotional Awareness

The Importance of Emotional Awareness

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be all too easy to ignore our emotions and barrel through life on autopilot. However, research shows that being emotionally aware and intelligent has significant benefits for our well-being, relationships, and success. In this post, I will explore why developing emotional intelligence is so important and how to cultivate …

Teen Boot Camps

Choosing Between Teen Boot Camps and Wilderness Therapy in Nampa

When a teen is experiencing serious behavioural or motivational issues, parents often explore intensive intervention programs like boot camps or wilderness therapy. Two popular options near Nampa, Idaho are boot camp and wilderness therapy. But which intense yet therapeutic model is the right fit? This article compares teen boot camps versus wilderness therapy to help …