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What are Pitted Dates

Understanding What Exactly Are Pitted Dates?

Pitted dates are seedless dates that are easy to munch and offer numerous health benefits. You can easily add them to your diet plan or include in recipes involving dates. They are high in several essential nutrients that help our body to function properly. Pitted dates need to go through multiple phases such as cleaning, …

personalized skincare

Meet Bellus Skincare Products That Cannot Go Out

We know that healthy skin is essential for any make look amazing, right? It is no use investing in various bases and concealers to camouflage blemishes, pimples and dark circles if behind it all the skin is not clean, hydrated, toned and protected. Therefore, before worrying about makeup, it is very important to take care …


Hip and Knee Replacement: What Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Hip and Knee Replacement isn’t something to be taken lightly. Hip and Knee Replacement is a procedure wherein you’re a part or the whole area of the knee or hip will be replaced with an artificial device for these parts to gain back its functionality. Hip and knee replacements have only been widely accepted and …